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Combining leading edge business strategy with innovative technology, to develop effective solutions that keep our clients one-step ahead and reduce the environmental impact.


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For the past five years, LincSpun™ has been researching and developing a number of innovations involving the Merino Fibre, key developments include micro-encapsulation technology and a number of high performance Merino yarns.
The breakthrough developments have led to the production of the Trinomax® yarn. Lincspun has spent considerable resources developing and fine-tuning the Trinomax® yarn so that it is suitable for everyday active and performance  sports wear, socks and apparel. Leading edge upholstery fabrics.
With this development of Trinomax® yarns this has led to further yarns being developed and to allow greater flexibility utilising Merino and wool. With these developments in production the options are unlimited and we are excited to launch this technology and look forward to seeing our brand in the greater market place.






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