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LincSpun™ Technology creates a Unique and Innovative yarn that is durable, adaptable and enhances optimum performance that is extremely comfortable and environmentally responsible.
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Introducing you to our unique spinning technology that combines 3 components to produce a superior yarn that will meet all your needs around performance, durability and comfort that will surpass your expectations.

These unique yarns have been purposely developed for everyday active and performance  sports wear, luxurious merino wool socks and apparel as well as superior upholstery fabrics. The diversity of this technology will open the door in ways to use Merino wool no matter if it is for football, yoga, surf, then leading into fashion and also with the durability and strength meets the toughest standards around upholstery.

You will find information regarding the LincSpun™ technology, about LincSpun™, our Brand and what makes us unique. In addition, our Technology news section you will be kept updated on all the latest technology developments.

Update your knowledge and open your options for the next generation of Merino wool based yarn by reviewing our web site and if you would like any more information on how LincSpun™ could help you integrate Merino wool in to your products please feel free to contact us.  



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