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Spring 2011


LincSpun and NILIT® Introduce Trinomax AQ – A High-Performance Yarn with Moisture Management Properties

Migdal Ha’emek, Israel – May 23rd , 2011 - NILIT® , a global manufacturer and leader in the production of nylon 6.6, and LincSpun, an innovative developer of intelligent yarns and filaments , have launched Trinomax AQ® – a revolutionary yarn that combines Merino wool with NILIT Aquarius yarn to create garments that can thermoregulate the wearer's body temperature. Designed for active wear, dancewear, socks and sportswear, Trinomax AQ supports athletes in reaching their peak performance.

Comfort, performance and durability with minimum weight
Trinomax AQ is made from three components: natural Merino wool, textured NILIT nylon 6.6 and NILIT Aquarius. Twisted together, using a technology proprietary to LincSpun, the combination of fibers gives Trinomax AQ its unique performance advantages. Merino wool, famous for its softness, is often found in premium athletic clothing because of its ability to regulate body temperature. The NILIT nylon 6.6 textured filament provides consistent quality and durability. Finally, NILIT Aquarius is engineered with a special additive inside the polymer and a triple-T cross section of the filaments (increases surface area) for high-speed wicking.

Together, these fibers provide outstanding moisture management. Garments made from Trinomax AQ quickly wick away moisture, leaving the wearer fresh and dry. In addition, these intelligent fabrics can stabilize the wearer’s optimum body temperature – keeping the wearer comfortable and better able to perform.

Twisted fibers using LincSpun technology create incredibly strong, durable and lightweight fabrics. And, just as important, NILIT Aquarius’ hydrophilic attributes are intrinsic to the fiber and will not wear off even after repeated washing.

“We chose to make Trinomax AQ out of NILIT nylon 6.6 yarns because of their high quality,” commented Jean-Michel Libeau, Director at LincSpun. “With its natural softness and technologically advanced moisture management properties, we are confident Trinomax AQ will greatly enhance our offering of advanced yarns for sportswear, active wear and socks.”

Alon Weiser, R&D and Technical Service Manager at NILIT added: “LincSpun’s unique technology enables the engineering of exceptional yarns, like Trinomax AQ, which offer the attributes consumers are looking for in clothing: comfort, durability, light weight and softness. The brilliant combination of Merino wool with NILIT Aquarius yarn creates the ultimate fabrics for athletes.”



At LincSpun we are continuing to develop and enhance the technology and currently working on new combinations in both the Trinomax and McCloy range, once we have the outcome we look forward to offering our new developments to you.
If you have any particular technical needs or require a specific look/feel we are happy to discuss options and welcome any enquiries. Contact us

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