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Airbus A380 Cat Train
The LincSpun™ technology was developed to enhance performance yarns, these developments include a fire retardant yarn and with this great technology this has produced a stronger, durable and extremely adaptable fire resistant yarn.
This high performing yarn will meet the toughest tests and ideally suits the transportation industry, specifically tailored for Aircraft, Trains, Marine and future developments ensure we are constantly improving our yarns. We aim to meet the strictest standards around Defence Forces in the near future.
Incorporating other components with heat protection and/or flame resistant properties these tests demonstrated the highest results. Volkswagen testing procedure (Norm TL 1010) resulted in NBR/SE (No Burning Rate/Self Extinguishing) as well demonstrating a great result in reducing the break open behaviour. Meeting these high standards and with the comfort that this yarn provides this will be the preferred yarn on the market.
If you require any further information please contact us to meet your requirements.
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