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Our unique LincSpun construction method combines the correct quantities of components to produce a yarn of high Flame Resistance, NO ADDED FIRE RESISTANCE TREATMENT OR CHEMICALS REQUIRED. Volkswagen testing procedure (Norm TL 1010) was conducted on Trinomax FR fabric. The test results were NBR/ SE (No Burning Rate/ Self Extinguising).
This amazing yarn is a sustainable and environmentally responsible yarn that can be constructed in woven, knitted or velour.

Tests confirm that Trinomax fr ® is tough and durable, resulting in above industry standards outcomes. Topical treatments can be added to enhance’s Trinomax fr ® inherent antibacterial properties, stain resistance and waterproofing. Due to the Trinomax fr ®'s technicial construction we are able to produce lightweight fabric that can protect you from burns, flashes and sparks while keeping the comfort high and laundering with ease.


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