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Trinomax® technical yarn has been developed to utilise Merino wool and deliver a superior, flexible and durable performing natural product.

Trinomax® which means three, relates to the three components (Merino/wool fibre’s with two natural fibre’s and/or synthetic filaments).


Trinomax® relates to the high natural Merino composition of the yarn.

Trinomax® relates to the high performance of the yarn i.e very durable and light weight.

The Trinomax® brand encompasses all the aspects of the Trinomax®performance yarn.


This Innovative technology gives you a natural fibre and maximum performance.

Why choose Trinomax® fabric? For the simple reason performance, durable and will deliver when you need it the most.

1 x Natural fibres i.e. Merino
2 x Synthetic and/or Natural Fibre/Filaments               

i.e. Nylon, Polyester, Isofil,Cotton etc
               =  LincSpun’s Trinomax®

Trinomax Yarn




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