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At LincSpun™ Yarns our philosophy is to support the environment and reduce our carbon impact. The technology was designed to allow use of natural fibres and what a better way than Merino wool. Merino sheep are farmed in some of the most beautiful alpine and sub alpine grassland areas.  To ensure they stay this way for future generations, farmers have developed systems that result in the production of high quality merino fibre without damage to the environment.
•      Merino wool has excellent ‘natural’ credentials.
•      It is a renewable, biodegradable protein.
•      More than 99% is produced in extensive grassland terrain.
•      Little or no synthetic chemicals are used in the production of Merino wool.
•      The very small amount of chemicals used on wool are for the benefit and health of the animal.
•      Merino is extraordinarily durable, it will degrade and return to its component elements.
•      The natural fibre is made from protein, similar to that found in human hair.
•      Easily decomposes back into the earth, unlike most synthetics such as polypropylene which takes thousands of years to decompose.
•      Merino is a sustainable resource.
•      Every year a new fleece grows upon the sheep’s back and can be removed without harm to the animal.
•      Made from the simple combination of sunlight, water and grass.
LincSpun™ Yarns continues to update our data base of farms globally and confirm the content regularly against  NZ Merino’s list. NZ Merino is a global leader in merino and is dedicated in producing the worlds best fibre’s. Where requested by our clients utilising non mules wool that is certified that can be supported with accreditations.


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