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Lincspun™ Yarns CEO vision was to develop a yarn that could be used in performance apparel and further research and development into the yarn ensured this. Independent testing has shown the LincSpun™ Technology produces one of the most durable, versatile and high performance yarns on the market. What separates LincSpun™ from the myriad of other performance yarns out there is that it maintains a very high Merino content.

The technology utilises a unique spinning process that allows 3 fibres/filaments to be spun in a continuous manner. The LincSpun™ Yarns spinning process has opened the options for the use of Merino Wool with 2 yarn/filaments which produces Trinomax®.. Refer to diagram below to demonstrate the unique spinning of the 3 fibres/filaments.

Trinomax Yarn Technology

LincSpun™ is continuing to develop new combinations of yarns and is very excited about the endless possibilities that this revolutionary technology will produce. Our existing product range main focus is around Merino and wool, however we are currently looking at a wide range of opportunities, the possibilities are endless.
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